Lukes HEROin Me Foundation

Help Stop Heroin and Opioid Addiction

Vision and Mission

Our vision is to destigmatize addiction, help advance an agenda that falls in line with our mission, and provide our community with a strong foundation for prevention education.  

Find the HERO in YOU and help us save someone else’s Luke.


Education And Awareness

We believe that education and awareness are the crucial elements needed in our schools, communities, and across our country to stop this deadly epidemic. While most schools have programs, these programs do not provide the depth and breadth of information and education needed to stop the spread of this disease.


Some Facts

The opioid epidemic continues to spread. Its impact knows no boundaries; crossing socioeconomic, race and gender boundaries. Today, more of our young people die of opioid overdoses than do in car accidents. In the past year, there were more opioid users than tobacco users. In the US, it is estimated that 2 million people are dependent on opioids.


Donate Now

We have established a GoFundMe page for the “Luke’s HEROin Me” foundation. All of the proceeds we collect will go towards the foundation in an effort to drive education and awareness about the devastating heroin and opioid epidemic.

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Latest News

Learn more about our efforts, opioids and this devastating epidemic.

Bucks County Volunteers Travel To Help Those Suffering From Addiction

A group of Lower Bucks County residents have been traveling down to one of the areas in Philadelphia that has been hardest hit by the heroin epidemic to offer help[…]

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December 3, 2018 0

3 Job Opportunities for Recovering Addicts

3 Job Opportunities for Recovering Addicts Recovering from substance abuse can be tough on its own, but the added weight of financial pressure can make it that much harder. Luckily,[…]

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Why we need bolder action to combat the opioid epidemic

Although the opioid crisis in the US is gaining increased attention, the steps taken to date to combat it are insufficient. Our research suggests that much broader—and bolder—action is required.[…]

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September 28, 2018 0

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In Memory of

We lost our beautiful boy Luke on Wednesday, May 17th. Like too many others, he was taken from us by the devastating heroin epidemic.

Luke was funny, gentle, and kind. He loved football (go Pats!), wrestling, basketball (go Cavs!), snowboarding (aka bombing the mountain), eating very fine foods, and spending time with his countless friends. But for the past few years, Luke’s greatest wish in life was to be anormal kid.’ He has left behind more loving family members and friends than could ever be captured here.
Luke Johnson
May 12, 1995 – May 17,2017

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